Wayward Wipers & Washers Costing Motorists MOTs

Wayward Wipers & Washers Costing Motorists MOTs

Wayward Wipers & Washers Costing Motorists MOTs
Faulty wipers and washers have been named as the worst culprits for causing motorists to miss out on their MOTs. According to the AA Garage Guide, of the 146,000 MOT records of UK-registered vehicles it analysed between May and June, dodgy washers and wipers accounted for 8.41 per cent of failures.

It also revealed that eight out of the 10 most common reasons for a car failing its MOT were easily identifiable. These included exhausted registration plate bulbs, worn tyre tread, faulty brake lights and the overall condition of the vehicle’s tyres.

Across Britain, the AA Garage Guide research also revealed that 44.3 per cent of cars had failed their MOTs. Motorists in Great Yarmouth suffered the highest failure rate, with 53.8 per cent of vehicles failing their tests. Conversely, those drivers in Romford were the most successful when it came to passing MOTs, with only 34.8 per cent of vehicles not making the grade.

Olli Astley, director at AA Garage Guide, said: “There are countless numbers of potential reasons for vehicles failing their MOT, but it’s shocking to see that the number one cause identified came down to the humble windscreen wipers and washers.

“An empty screen wash or smearing wipers are easy to spot – and fix – at home ahead of the statutory roadworthiness test, so there’s really no excuse for failing on such an easily solvable problem. Tyres and headlights have also been highlighted as popular problem areas and are therefore worth checking in advance of your car’s MOT.”

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