One-Third of UK Drivers Don’t Know Which Fuel will Power their Next Vehicle

One-Third of UK Drivers Don't Know Which Fuel will Power their Next Vehicle

Almost One-Third of UK Drivers Don’t Know Which Fuel will Power their Next Vehicle

A third of British drivers don’t know whether to go for petrol, diesel or electric power to fuel their next car, according to a new survey.

There are now multiple options on the market and there can be a lot of confusion as to which fuel to choose, and following the results of this survey, it appears many drivers aren’t clear on which to choose.

GAP insurance provider collected data from 2,000 drivers and found that 30 per cent of them didn’t know whether to pick petrol, electric or diesel power when looking for a new or used car.

When considering that electric cars are becoming more common and don’t produce any emissions on the road, more than half of the respondents said they found the idea of owning an EV ‘too daunting’.

Drivers aged between 18 and 24 were even more uncertain, with 41 per cent saying they didn’t know which type of fuel to go for.

Given this indecision among UK drivers, 31 per cent said they’d be keeping their current car for longer than normal – with the split between men and women 33 per cent and 29 per cent respectively.

Ben Wooltorton, chief operating office,, said: “From 2035 or sooner, drivers will only be able to buy electric or hydrogen cars, however, looking at the results of this survey this looks like a big leap of faith for many consumers who are clearly unsure about what type of car they should be buying.

“You can understand why people are feeling insecure as we were told not long ago that we should all buy diesel, and now diesel is being banned. It seems that many drivers need greater confidence that the issues around running an electric car are resolved before they will commit.”

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