The Right Insurance for your Car

Finding Classic Car Insurance

Getting the Right Insurance for your Car
Getting the car insurance you need can be a time consuming and complicated process especially of you require cover that is slightly different to usual as many companies base the deals that they offer on the average car or classic car driver. Searching through types of policy and taking into account any special offers or discounts can make it really difficult to work out which is the best deal or if you will have the correct amount of cover for your vehicle, so why not make the process a little clearer and much less work and hire the services of a professional insurance broker service to guide you through the process and help you make sure you have the cover you require.

The Right Insurance for your Car

With over forty years experience helping customers across Newcastle and Northumberland at Weir Insurance they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and show you the best policies available for you based on your circumstances. Even if you have an unusual car or use your vehicle for business, residential or private hire use at Weir Insurance they will be able to find specialist insurance companies that provide the cover you require and come back to you with the policies that are most suited to your needs helping make the process straight forward and as stress free as possible.

The price of average car insurance can vary widely according to what policy you look at and it can sometimes be hard to work out exactly what services are included in the price that you pay, at Weir Insurance they will go through each and every point of any policy with you and ask any questions that you may have, so before you sign any contracts you will know exactly what the car insurance policy you have chosen will cover and how much it is going to cost.

While if you are looking for classic car insurance, you may find a lot of the larger companies don’t offer cover, or that the cover they offer is over expensive and doesn’t offer the level of cover you require, at Weir Insurance they have all the information they need to make sure that they can find classic car insurance for you at a reasonable cost that will cover most circumstances and in many cases can also find you a policy that combines your car and other vehicles to help you save even more money.

Many people feel that using the service of a team of insurance brokers is something that only the rich or big business would do due to the cost involved but many of the customers that have used Weir Insurance are just everyday people looking to cover their home, property or small business, their testimonials show that using the service has saved them time and money and helped them to get the cover that they require. So if you would like a little help finding the correct car or caravan insurance for you and your family why not get in touch with one of the friendly advisors at Weir Insurance and find out what they can do to help you?

For further information please call one of our experienced insurance team today on 01670 365533 or visit the Weir Insurance brokers website. We have been helping our clients’ with their insurance needs since 1972. We talk to you about your requirements, work with you to figure out what cover you need (and what cover you don’t) and then use our relationship with dozens of insurers to find the very best solution for you.

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