Drivers Could Face Fines of £130 for Minor Offences

Drivers Could Face Fines of £130 for Minor Offences

Drivers Could Face Fines of £130 for Minor Offences
The government is considering new plans which could see drivers facing automatic fines of £130 for minor motoring offences.

The plans could give more power to local councils to help improve roads for cyclists and pedestrians, with the money raised to be pumped back into the road network system to fund traffic-reducing measures.

Motorists who stray into cycle lanes or stop in box junctions could face the automatic civic penalties. Enforcing the rules is currently the job of the police, however action is rarely taken over the moving traffic violations.

Currently, local transport officials in London already use traffic cameras to issue over a million penalty notices every year, with fines already set at £130. The plans would see the rest of UK follow suit.

Junior Transport Minister Baroness Vere told the House of Lords that the Government was looking at the plans under the 2004 Traffic Management Act.

The plans follow moves to pedestrianise some areas of London which were announced last month.

Transport minister Grant Shapps also last month announced increased funding for councils to change road layouts in towns and cities. This is to account for more people biking or walking – rather than using public transport – in the wake of the coronavirus situation. Some of the alterations councils have already made include changing road layouts, widening footpaths and implementing pop-up cycle lanes.


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