Best Used Cars to Sell in the UK

Best Used Cars to Sell in the UK

Top 3 Best Used Cars to Sell in the UK.
Best used car models to sell second hand in the UK according to car selling site Motorway including brands like Ford and Volkswagen.

Used car prices are reaching all-time highs up and down the UK. A surge in demand has resulted from a shortage of new vehicles, as well as a desire to drive rather than return to public transport following the pandemic. As demand increases, so do used car resale values.

Motorway, the UK’s fastest-growing car-selling site has been at the forefront of this historical shift. Below, we’ll take a look at which top 3 cars are selling the best on the platform and why now might be the time to sell your car, too.

Volkswagen Golf
The VW Golf is the most popular used car to sell on Motorway in Newcastle and the surrounding area. The average price of these cars has also climbed — in 2020, this model sold for an average price of £8,387, while in 2021 – due to a surge in newer models allowed onto the marketplace – the average selling price currently stands at £15,671.

Volkswagen Polo
The Volkswagen Polo is the area’s second most popular used car, and, like the Golf, it’s been enjoying a boost in value in 2021. In the past 12 months, Motorway has sold a huge amount of Polos, with cars selling for 2.35% more than their initial valuations. Interestingly, compared to the best-selling used cars in areas such as Birmingham, Coventry, and Wales, the Volkswagen Polo doesn’t make the top three, while it’s a popular choice in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Ford Fiesta
Probably not much of a surprise considering the Ford Fiesta is the UK’s most popular car at a national level, the model also enters the top three for the used cars that are most popular in the local area of Newcastle. Customers have also enjoyed great performance when it comes to sales price versus initial valuation — Ford Fiestas have made about 4% more than expected, based on initial valuations.

Whether you have one of the above top-sellers sitting in your driveway or not, if you’re looking to sell your car, then now may be the right time.

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