Final Day of Production for UK’s Best Selling Car

The Ford Fiesta

Production of the UK’s best-selling car ends on Friday. Ford will produce the final Fiesta at its factory in Cologne, Germany, before the site is modified to make more room for more electric vehicles.

The Ford Fiesta was an instant hit when it was introduced in 1976 as it met the demand for smaller, more efficient cars. Ford said more than 22 million have been produced globally.

More Fiestas have been sold in the UK than any other car model, and it was the country’s best-selling vehicle every year between 2009 and 2020. It was still the 10th most popular new car last year, with more than 25,000 registered.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) figures show 1.5 million Fiestas were licensed for use on UK roads in 2022, ahead of all other models.

It has been reported that the final two Fiestas which roll off the assembly line on Friday will be kept by Ford. One will be retained in Germany, while the other will go to its UK heritage collection.

Ford said in a statement: “At Ford in Europe, we are rapidly transitioning to an electric future. As part of this transition, production of the Fiesta in Cologne, Germany, will be discontinued on July 7, and a new era at the Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre will begin.”

The end of production – announced in October last year – comes after Ford axed the Mondeo in 2021, while earlier this year it stopped making the S-Maxx and Galaxy people carriers.

Production of the Ford Focus will end in 2025.

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2030.

Erin Baker, editorial director at online vehicle marketplace Auto Trader, said: “I think the end of the Ford Fiesta paves the way for what is likely to happen across the board as we head towards electrification and the 2030 cut-off.

“That’s because there isn’t much margin in small cheap cars any more. Right now, Fiesta isn’t viable, and the same will be true for other brands. That said, it does mark the end of a truly iconic car. Given its huge success over the years, many people will, I’m sure, be disappointed with the move. There are still plenty available in the second-hand market with over 13,000 currently advertised on our marketplace, ranging from just a few hundred pounds, all the way up to £30,000 – so we’ll certainly see many of them on our roads for the foreseeable future.”

Alex Buttle, co-founder of used car marketplace Motorway, said: “We continue to see high demand for the Ford Fiesta, as our dealer partners remain keen to stock their forecourts with this modern day classic.

“And with the average sold price of Ford Fiestas increasing by 14% in the last few months alone, it’s a testament to the popularity of this timeless model. The ceasing of production of new Ford Fiestas may mean the end of an era, but the used car market will continue breathing life into this much sought-after car for years ahead.”

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