Drivers Can Prevent Wasting Fuel Whilst Sitting Stationary

Wasting Fuel

Petrol and diesel owners can stop wasting “half a gallon” of fuel by pressing one button found in most modern vehicles, according to experts.

Sitting stationary in traffic or at the side of the road while the engine is ticking over is a common sight and may look completely harmless.

However, experts at Xcite Car Leasing warn road users are likely to burn vital petrol or diesel with over two litres gone after just an hour of idling.

Wasting Fuel

This is an issue in many older cars which do not have the tools in place to prevent idling.

But, more modern vehicles are fitted with a sophisticated tool which can turn off a car engine when stationary and help motorists make massive savings.

They explained: “An idling engine is still burning fuel. If you are in slow-moving or stop-start traffic, consider putting your hand brake on and turning your engine off.

“The same applies when picking someone up or dropping someone off, consider shutting off the engine if you are stopped for a long period. Idling for an hour can waste half a gallon of fuel or around 2.3 litres. If you have a modern car with stop-start technology then use this, it will automatically reduce the time you spend with an idling engine if used correctly.”

The stop/start button can be activated or deactivated at any time from the centre console.

The button is usually identified by a large letter A with a circle over the top, dropping to an arrow pointing down.

Motorists should get a message confirming they have turned the system on or off from the car dashboard.

According to the RAC, experts at the American Automobile Association found that stop-start technology resulted in up to a seven percent improvement in fuel economy.

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