Government Reviewing Use of 20mph Speed Zones in England

Speed Zones

The use of 20mph speed limit zones in England could face new limitations, as part of a new range of policies aimed at motorists.

In its new policy paper, The Plan for Drivers, the Government said it will update 20mph zone guidance for England to help prevent inappropriate blanket use.

“Being pro-public transport does not mean being anti-car,” said Transport Secretary, Mark Harper.

“The easy political choice is to vilify the private car even when it’s been one of the most powerful forces for personal freedom and economic growth in the last century. Used appropriately and considerately, the car was, is, and will remain a force for good.

“We will make it clear that 20mph speed limits in England must be used appropriately where people want them – not as unwarranted blanket measures.”

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: “In the case of 20mph limits, we have long said that in the right places slow speeds deliver valuable safety benefits, especially on residential streets, around schools and in places where there are lots of pedestrians and cyclists.

“Putting them on roads where motor vehicles predominate and there is no conflict with other road users however makes no sense.

“Councils already have to go through a process of introducing Traffic Regulation Orders to reduce speeds from say 30mph to 20mph, so we wait to see how any new policy differs from this.”

The latest report from the Department for Transport has shown that the number of deaths caused by accidents on Britain’s roads has risen by 10% when compared to the previous year.

In 2022, there were 1,711 fatalities – compared to 1,558 the year before.

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