Drivers Offered Life Saving Warning to Check Their Tyres

Check Their Tyres

To mark Tyre Safety Month, a vehicle rental firm has advised motorists of ways they can avoid dangerous blowouts on the roads. Express online is reporting that the vehicle rental company has warned drivers to regularly inspect their tyres or face issues that could lead to a blowout on the roads.

October is Tyre Safety Month, in which many motoring experts advise drivers on how they can prevent fines and potentially life-threatening accidents.

Check Their Tyres

A spokesperson from noted that a large number of motorists admit to not checking their tyres often.

They explained: “With thousands of car journeys happening every day a common mistake is for drivers to forget to monitor their tyre conditions. “It’s vital for road users to regularly check their tyre pressure and look out for punctures before embarking on a journey.”

First, recommended that drivers should always check the treads of their vehicle’s tyres every other week or before any long journey.

During warmer months, heat on the surface of the road can soften the tyres, creating more friction which can wear down the treads at a faster rate.

According to UK law, treads should not be under 1.6mm, with drivers of a vehicle with treads lower than that facing a fine of £2,500 per tyre affected.

Motorists should also regularly monitor the tyre pressures of their car, with highlighting that they can vary by up to 2 psi with every 10-degree change in temperature.

Driving on tyres with low pressure can increase fuel consumption and braking distances, whilst inflating them too much could lead to blowouts.

The company recommended that motorists should check the recommended tyre pressures for their vehicle by looking for a sticker on the sill of a driver’s door or in the owner’s manual.

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