Dedicated Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Managing the day to day aspects of a life can be tiring enough, but with the pressure on every classic car enthusiast these days, it’s easy to forget about the legalities of getting the right insurance for your car. Unlike typical car insurance, finding the right classic car insurance can be somewhat difficult.

Covering a classic car can be difficult, with insurers often put off by the risks which come with age, while vintage vehicles often lack the safety and driver assistance of modern cars.

Classic Car Insurance is designed to mitigate these risks, and often has extra benefits.

Once you have selected the level of classic car insurance cover you require, it is worthwhile exploring the other benefits on offer from classic car insurance specialists. Unlike most of the inflexible mainstream insurers, specialists can offer further premium reductions through applying their specialist understanding of the classic car sector.

For example, many classic car drivers are enthusiasts who are members of driving clubs. Many classic car insurance providers offer extra discounts to club members. Furthermore, as classic vehicles are often only used for recreation, entering into low mileage insurance schemes can reduce premiums. Premiums can also be discounted by adding additional security devises and by the owners ensuring that their classic vehicle has a strong maintenance history. These measures reduce the risk of theft and accidents, so reducing the insurance company’s exposure.

It can be difficult to wade through the practicalities of any insurance; it really makes a lot of sense to use an insurance broker who specialises in classic car insurance and other insurance services. At Weir Insurance, we’re able to arrange dedicated Classic Car Insurance cover without breaking the bank. If you own a classic vehicle, get in touch with out friendly team today and see if we can provide you with the cover you need.

Dedicated Classic Car insurance Brokers
Weir Insurance Brokers believe in customer satisfaction and in finding the right insurance quote which will suit every need and aspect of your specific needs. If you are looking for an experienced and experienced classic car insurance broker in the UK then contact Weir Insurance Brokers of Northumberland at 0800 281 453. We pride ourselves on being an insurance broker who combines in-depth experience with great customer service, leading you to the right insurance just for you.

We have been helping our clients’ with their classic car insurance needs since 1972. We talk to you about your requirements, work with you to figure out what cover you need (and what cover you don’t) and then use our relationship with dozens of insurers to find the best solution for you. Fully independent, we always put you first and aim to provide you with the best possible cover at the best possible price, no strings attached. Something we have been doing it for over 40 years.

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