Northumbria Motors: Making Car Buying Easy for Everyone
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Northumbria Motors: Making Car Buying Easy for Everyone

Northumbria Motors: Making Car Buying Easy for Everyone.
Did you know that in 2014 alone, there were over 7 million used vehicles sold in the UK? At Northumbria Motors, we’re proud to add to that number every year by providing a car buying experience that will let you relax, feel comfortable, and may even change the way you look at purchasing a vehicle from now on.

Yes, it’s common knowledge that people tend to have some stereotypical ideas in mind when it comes to buying a car. They think it’s going to be stressful, a hassle, and that they’ll feel pressured into buying something if they step onto a lot.

We pride ourselves on making the car buying experience easy for everyone, with an expansive stock of over 100 vehicles, financing plans (even for those with bad credit), and an experienced team that can help you find the perfect car to fit your needs.
Is it Time to Buy a Car?

Northumbria Motors: Making Car Buying Easy for Everyone

If you’ve been putting off looking at cars for a while, we can help to guide you through the process from start to finish. But, if you’re still not convinced, it’s a good idea to have a better understanding of when it might actually be time to buy a new or used vehicle.

First, you should never keep driving a vehicle that isn’t safe. If your current car is a hazard to you, your passengers, or others on the road, it’s a clear sign that you need to look at something different.

Or, maybe your current vehicle is safe, but in need of constant repair. There comes a point when the repair costs continue to mount, and you’re putting more money into a vehicle than what it’s worth.

Finally, it could be time to buy a new car if your current one doesn’t work for your lifestyle anymore. Maybe you purchased your current car when you were single, and now you have a family of four.

No matter the reason, Northumbria Motors has a vehicle to fit your needs and your budget, while ensuring your safety and security on the road.

A Transparent Car-Buying Experience
Many people like to assume that the car-buying experience is somehow tricky, or that dealerships are trying to hide something from consumers.

At Northumbria Motors, nothing could be further from the truth. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the industry, and we know the ins and outs of what it means to buy a new vehicle. Our entire process is easy and transparent, and we will work with you every step of the way so you’ll never feel as though you’re “in the dark”.

In fact, we encourage you to ask us questions! You should leave the lot with confidence that you chose the car that was right for you. Plus, with our comprehensive warranties, you can feel good about your choice and drive away with peace of mind knowing that if anything does happen to go wrong with your vehicle, we’ll be here for you to make it right.

Speaking of finding that car, you’ll find a wide selection of vehicles on our lot, and it’s okay to have questions about several of them. We’re happy to work with you if you’re looking for a specific make or model, or even if you’re not sure what would fit your needs. After all, used car sales are our passion!

A Car Finance Experience You Can Afford
One of the biggest reasons people tend to put off buying a used car is because they either think they can’t afford it or their credit score is too low to be awarded any type of financing. In fact, you can apply for car financing on our website for free in just 60 seconds.

If you’re not sure how to get started with financing, our team can offer expert advice to determine the best option that will work with your budget. Your credit should never keep you from getting a vehicle you need, so let’s work together to make it happen.

Changing the Car Buying Experience
While it might sound cliché to say “we have it all,” we really like to think that we offer everything a car buying experience should be at Northumbria Motors. From the moment you step onto our lot, you will be greeted by an experienced member of our team who is there to find a car that works best for you, not just to make a sale or pressure you into buying something that isn’t right.

With that in mind, feel free to stop in and browse our selection if you’re in the Gateshead, Newcastle, or North-East regions, or talk to a team member about financing. Your perfect used car is here right now, and we can help you find it in a car buying experience that is easy for everyone. Call us today on 0191 488 3176 and get back on the road.

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