Helping You Get Back on the Road
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Helping You Get Back on the Road

Helping You Get Back on the Road.
We do not always appreciate how much we rely on our cars until we have to do without them. Whether we are off the road because of illness, an accident, a lack of available money, or any other reason – not having a car when you are used to one is pretty difficult.

We take for granted the freedom that a car gives us – jumping into it to pop out to the shops, to go and see our friends and family, to get us to the supermarket, and to take us on holiday.
So, when you have been off the road for a while, what do you to get back onto it? And not only that, are there any things that you need to think about to ensure that you are a safe and legal driver? Let’s take a look.

Make sure your car is roadworthy

There are not many of us who are in a position to go out and pay for a brand new car outright from a dealer, especially in current circumstances. The options available to you, therefore, are buying a used car from either a used car dealership or a private buyer, or buy a brand new car on finance.

Getting a car on finance can be relatively straightforward if you have a good credit history, but there are many of us who have a few things on our credit reports holding us back. It seems pretty unfair to be turned down for credit automatically just because of something that happened in the past, particularly if you have made steps to improve your situation since.

However, before you write off finance as an option for funding a new vehicle, look at Get Car Credit Now. Our quick and easy application process aims to get credit for any financial circumstances – it is approved car finance made easy, Having this option gives you access to a wider range of cars that are safe and reliable so that you can get back on the road sooner rather than later.

Are you fit and able to drive?

Lots of things may have changed since you last drove, particularly if it has been a long time. Before you jump behind the wheel of your new car, which approved car finance made easy, make sure that you are fit and able to drive.

Is your eyesight good enough still and reaction times swift enough? You may want to take it easy to start with – don’t’ attempt any long journeys until you have your confidence back and perhaps consider having an experienced driver as a passenger, to begin with. Stick to less stressful areas too – busy city centres can often be the most challenging environments to drive in.

Make sure you have the correct car insurance

Car insurance is something that none of us particularly enjoy paying, but as well as being a legal requirement, it is something that exists to protect us in the event of an accident or a theft, so it is essential that you have it in place. Make sure that all the details that you give to your insurer are correct and that you notify them of any changes, as well as ensuring that it covers your mileage and purpose too.

For example, if you use your car for commuting but fail to cover it for this if you are involved in an accident you may find that your insurer won’t payout. The same goes if you have cover for up to a certain number of miles and go significantly over that amount.

Ensure you have adequate breakdown cover

While getting approved car finance is made easy with Get Car Credit, sitting at the side of the road if you break down/get a flat tyre/run out of fuel isn’t – it is stressful and can be very expensive. Make sure that you have an adequate breakdown policy covering your vehicle. Make sure that you go for one that covers everything – some will only cover you a certain distance to or from your home or will repair your car but not offering a towing service.

Getting back on the road after a long period away can be tough. Thankfully getting car credit has been made easy, so that is one less thing to have to think about. Take your time, choose the perfect car, get insured and covered, and hit the open road!

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