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Does your Car Have a Spare Tyre?

Does your Car Have a Spare Tyre?
Does your car have a spare tyre? Most people with a new car are unlikely to have a spare wheel and this is likely to have caused many drivers problems. The disappearance of the spare wheel is a result of the car manufacturers looking to improve fuel economy and help make cars lighter. Although the manufacturers provide tyre inflation kits, many owners have found these unsuitable and, at times – perhaps at the roadside, difficult to use.

To try and overcome this problem, the RAC have a new ‘universal’ spare wheel and tyre intended to assist drivers get back on the rod quickly and safely. Why have they done this, over a typical year, the RAC alone responded to nearly 94,000 breakdowns involving a puncture on a vehicle with no spare wheel.

The universal spare wheel invented by the RAC should help minimise inconvenience and reduce time spent at the roadside for drivers. The RAC claim this spare wheel can be fitted to over 95 per cent of vehicles that don’t include a spare.

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