Vehicle Rental Companies All-in-One Software Solutions

Vehicle Rental Companies All-in-One Software Solutions
Every industry, no matter how large or small, has industry-specific software for maintaining accounts and for other day-to-day operations. Whereas large organisations often have the resources with which to have software for accounting and other systems developed in-house, smaller ones typically rely on different software applications purchased separately – and then must become experts in their use if they want their business to run smoothly, since tech support is not generally included in the package.


iVech Rental Control System
Since car and van hire companies have large vehicle fleets to keep track of and customers to invoice, it makes sense to have one system that does it all. For most of the larger vehicle rental companies currently in operation in the UK, the ideal car hire software for keeping track of both vehicles and clients includes the following features:

Shortcuts for repeat customers
Most rental companies recognise that repeat customers are their primary source of revenue. Since it would make little sense to have to enter a repeat hirer’s personal information for every single transaction, the ideal software system will prefill it automatically the next time the hirer comes in. In the case of corporate clients with multiple employees involved in vehicle rental transactions, a truly ideal software solution would link such clients to an inbuilt accounting system for ease of billing and other types of recordkeeping.

Damage and loss tracking
On the flipside, the number one source of financial loss for a car hire company is damage to hired vehicles. Where there are damages, there are also drivers, insurance and other means of compensating damages and losses. This means that a comprehensive, user-friendly means of tracking damage to vehicles, maintenance repairs and other losses is essential for keeping accurate accounts of inflows and outflows and protecting the company against preventable losses in the future.

Any vehicle rental company that has been the victim of a security breach can appreciate the importance of cloud-based solutions; your company need only be targeted once in order for thousands upon thousands of client records and other sensitive information to be compromised. By using encrypted connections and cloud-based updates, the records your company keeps on both vehicles and clients is a great deal safer than when software programs are installed and maintained on a local network with inherently limited security.

Simple pricing
Price is usually the driving factor behind a company’s decision either to buy one system with all the necessary bells and whistles or, in the case of smaller companies for which this option has been prohibitively expensive in the past, maintain “granular controls” by purchasing different software products for different purposes. For vehicle rental companies, the ideal software system allows users to manage their fleets and carry out all accounting and invoicing functions in one place – and at one reasonable price.

iVech Rental Control System offers all these features and many more. Our vehicle rental software allows you to keep all the information you need about your vehicles, drivers and accounts to ensure smooth client transactions, timely billing and loss prevention – all at your fingertips, all in one secure environment.

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