The UK’s Most Stolen Car – The BMW X5

The UK’s Most Stolen Car – The BMW X5
The Press Association is reporting that for the second year in a row, the BMW X5 is the most stolen car in the UK. The good news for BMW owners, though, is the German firm now only occupies two of the top 10 places of cars most popular with criminals rather than four out of 10 the previous year.

2006 BMW X5

Where the BMW M5 and 3 Series were in the Top 10 in 2013, they both dropped out for 2014 to mean fewer were being stolen. However, the Mercedes C-Class has come into the list at number three, followed by the Audi S4 and Land Rover Discovery.

BMW still has a second car in the Top 10 with the M3 at sixth most stolen car, while the Range Rover is seventh and the Audi RS4 is eighth. Mercedes rounds out the Top 10 with the ML in ninth place and the last place goes to the C63 AMG.

The Top 10 most stolen cars list is compiled by Tracker and is says the average cost of a stolen car is now £25,600. Andy Barrs, of Tracker, said: ‘The 2014 figures illustrate that prestige models continue to catch the eye of thieves, but the average value of stolen cars we recovered was just £25,600, suggesting that older models of prestige cars could be just as attractive to criminals as newer models.

‘Interestingly, the number of vehicles that are being stolen without keys has steadily risen over the last few years, accounting for 43% in 2014. We believe this is down to the growth in car hacking where criminals target keyless vehicles by bypassing their security systems, using technology they’ve bought on the internet.’

Barrs added: ‘Ss keyless security systems become commonplace in cars, the skills to bypass these will be widely practiced by most criminals and in turn, lower value keyless vehicles will be equally at risk. We recommend that car owners invest in an added layer of security by using tracking devices that harness the latest technology.’