Study Reveals Happiest Car Drivers

Study Reveals Happiest Car Drivers
The happiest and least happy car and driver combinations have been established following research by insurance specialist Zuto. A survey of 2,000 people showed which vehicle makes were most likely to have happy owners, and which modifications were implicated in additional happiness.

According to the study, the happiest UK car owners are Edinburgh men aged between 25 and 34, driving a BMW with silver paint.

Those adding modifications to their cars were shown to also be happier overall. The most cheer-inducing add-ons include allot wheels and tinted windows, though this comes at a price – these people conceded that the modifications cost up to £500.

The least happy drivers are men aged 45 to 54, driving a green Fiat and living in Nottingham. They could learn a lot from the happy contingent, who explained that the perfect drive includes winding country lanes, in good weather, purely for fun and with no destination in mind – apparently the most joyous way to drive.

“For many people, owning a car opens up new avenues in terms of work and social life, so it’s easy to see why motors are so closely tied to feelings of independence and our sense of self,” said James Wilkinson, CEO at Zuto.