Shocking Stats Reveal Half of Drivers get Ready Behind the Wheel

Shocking Stats Reveal Half of Drivers get Ready Behind the Wheel
According to the Press Association, brushing hair, putting on make-up and even shaving are just some of the morning routines that half (52%) of the commuter drivers in the UK admit to carrying out while driving to work.

The number one morning activity drivers risk in the car is sipping from a hot cup of coffee, either taken from home in a flask or bought on the way to work. This is something 78% of drivers admit to doing at some point, with 43% admitting they do this daily.

Next most likely morning routine to be risked while driving is eating toast or another breakfast food (38%), while combing hair and checking your appearance is something 32% of drivers say they do on the way to work in the car.

Also high up on this list of distractions for drivers during the morning rush hour are applying make-up for women (22%) and having a shave for men (11%).

Julia Konec, who conducted the survey on behalf of ISI Secure, said: ‘Drivers are clearly not allowing themselves sufficient time to prepare at home before leaving for work in their cars. Any distraction from driving is dangerous, especially so during the morning rush hour when there are more cars on the road than normal and also children on their way to school.’

Konec urged drivers to give themselves more time at home and also to leave preparations for before or after they are driving.

She added: ‘As well as the more obvious distractions, we also found some drivers were using laptops to check emails and even catch up on work from the previous day. These are dangerous habits that risk collisions, fines and even imprisonment in the worst cases. ‘When you are at the wheel of the car, there should be only one thing on your mind and that is driving safely.’