RAC Expecting Busy Late Spring Bank Holiday Traffic

RAC Expecting Busy Late Spring Bank Holiday Traffic
More than 15 million cars could hit the UK’s roads this bank holiday weekend according to RAC estimates – a million more than the same time last year. The company questioned 1,700 people about their intentions for the long weekend and a much greater proportion expressed an intention to take a break away from home than did so last year.
Saturday May 28 is likely to be the busiest day, with up to 4.5 million drivers aiming to get away from it all. Peak time for traffic is between 11am and 4pm.
Friday should see 3.9 million, with the busiest period between 4pm and 9pm, while Sunday is expecting the highest concentration of its 3.6 million travellers between 11am and 4pm.
Monday should be the quietest day, predicts the RAC, with 3.3 million getaway journeys. Peak time will be 1pm to 6pm.
RAC traffic spokesman Rod Dennis said: “It looks as though a late spring getaway is a little more appealing to motorists this year than last – with the reasonably settled weather perhaps being one factor that is contributing to the desire by many to escape in the car.
“The good news for motorists is that family car trips will be much cheaper this May than in recent years. Filling a petrol Ford Focus will cost on average about £60 this year, about £4 less than last year and a whopping £11.50 less than in 2014 – hopefully leaving a little more in the wallet. And while current weather forecasts do not suggest this bank holiday is going to be scorching, certainly when the sun does show its face it is going to feel very pleasant wherever you are in the UK.
Last year 14 million journeys were made for the late Spring bank holiday weekend. In 2014 that figure stood at 12.2 million.