Public Urged to Get a Grip on Faulty Tyres

Public Urged to Get a Grip on Faulty Tyres
Your car is not immune to faults that could put your life at risk, as well as those of your family and friends. That’s the nub of a new argument put forward by safety charity TyreSafe, which has responded to the latest government statistics showing the number of injuries and fatalities attributed to vehicle defects has risen.

There were 3,230 ‘killed or seriously injured’ (KSI) crashes in 2014 that were directly caused by faults on the vehicle, 224 of which were due to faulty tyres.

TyreSafe also says that over the last five years, in accidents put down to vehicle defects, illegal or damaged tyres were the single largest contributing factor. They were responsible for 1,125 casualties, or 36.1% of the total. The charity is “dissatisfied” that more progress in reducing these numbers has not been made.

“While 2014 figures do not reflect a dramatic worsening of tyre-related accident casualties over the past five years, TyreSafe considers the current status quo unacceptable,” said Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe. “The DfT’s figures support TyreSafe’s findings which shows too few of Britain’s motorists inspect their vehicle’s primary safety feature before taking to the roads.

“Unlike other vehicle components, tyres can easily be checked visually – it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is safe and clearly need to take immediate action if tyres are flat, have lumps, bumps or cuts – or if they’re bald. Defective tyres dramatically reduce the effectiveness of a vehicle’s steering and braking systems, can potentially suffer catastrophic deflations and potentially add to the numbers of road casualties.”

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