Private Motorists Cover Affected by Company Vehicle Accidents

Private Motorists Cover Affected by Company Vehicle Accidents
Many motorists accept blame for company car accidents, unaware it will affect their own private insurance premium, an anti-fraud expert is warning. The Asset Protection Unit (APU) says there is widespread ignorance on the rules, while the RAC reminds employers of their duty of care.

The APU, which car insurers employ to look into claims, says there has been a sharp rise in company motorists wrongly taking the blame. But this misconception not only inflates the car insurance quotes of the companies they work for – their personal no-claims bonuses will also be hit.

RAC Business Services spokesman Simon Peevers said: “Every employer, as part of their Duty of Care responsibilities and risk management policy, should ensure all drivers are well aware of the insurance arrangements for their vehicle and how these may affect their own personal car insurance.

“With the increase in the ‘grey fleet’ – vehicles owned and used by employees on business-related journeys – as well it is possible that some company car drivers are getting mixed messages about their insurance responsibilities, but really it is up to business owners and fleet managers to be crystal clear before handing over the keys to any vehicle. The RAC has developed a range of fleet support services which can help managers and employees in this area of business motoring.”

Neil Thomas, who is the APU’s investigative services director, says that drivers who believe their personal cover is flameproofed from their company cover admissions will receive a shock along with their next quote.

Corporate policy liability acceptance normally impacts upon private cover, he said, and n ew technology is increasingly revealing the truth of what really happens in car accidents.

The APU recently helped to throw out half-a-dozen injury claims worth a total of £32,000 after telematics gadgets rebutted the motorist’s account.