Parents won’t Let their Kids Walk to School

Around 40% of Parents won’t Let their Kids Walk to School
According to the Press Association about four out of 10 parents say they won’t let their children walk or cycle to school because of concerns about road safety. Worries about fast-moving vehicles has led 42% of parents to prevent their kids from walking or cycling on the usual route to school.

The survey by road safety charity Brake also found that 40% of parents have serious concerns about the lack of safe crossing points on busy roads. Only 25% of those parents questioned said they believed the route from home to school was safe for their children to walk or cycle along.

As a result of these worries, 46% of children are now driven to school. Parents also cite the distance from home and practicality as other reasons for taking their kids to school in the car.

The survey found that more than half of those parents driving their children to school would be prepared to let them walk or cycle if additional safe routes were introduced.

Brake also points out the health benefits of children walking or cycling to school as approximately 30% of 2- to 15-year old children are classified as overweight or obese.