Lincoln is ‘UK’s Road Rage capital’

Lincoln is ‘UK’s Road Rage capital’
Lincoln has unexpectedly come out top of a survey to find the UK’s road rage hotspots. In a study by Privilege insurance Lincoln beat every other British city to take top spot, with 61% of residents saying they ‘regularly experience road rage.’

Portsmouth came a close second with 60% of its locals saying the same, with Peterborough, Hull and Exeter listed as joint-third on 54%.

London was just 13th, with 41%, suggesting that the Capital’s residents are simply more used to the incessant beeping, hand gesturing and bullying that an average drive across the city entails. Among other major cities Birmingham and Leeds were equal 9th with 46%, Manchester was 14th with 40% and Bristol trumped both with 51% and a 7th place finish, just 1% behind Wolverhampton in 6th.

Nottingham, Glasgow and Oxford were found to be the least likely places to experience road rage.

The survey also characterised the worst offenders for road rage, with 69-year-old men emerging as the worst.

Privilege’s research estimates that UK drivers experience road rage – either as victim or perpetrator – once every 20 minutes or seven miles. Monday mornings at 7.30 are the likeliest time for road rage to strike.

Privilege is launching a “Campaign Against Road Rage (CARR) as a “determined effort” to reduce road rage as a factor in accidents.

Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege said: “Road rage is the ugly face of motoring, and even at the milder end of the spectrum, can lead to accidents as drivers leave the scene focussed on the argument or perceived wrong doing, instead of their driving. “The aim of our Campaign Against Road Rage is to help to reduce the number of road rage related accidents and make Britain’s roads safer places to be.”