IAM RoadSmart Advice to New University Student Drivers

IAM RoadSmart Advice to New University Student Drivers
The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has given out advice to new students planning on attending university with their cars. With thousands of students heading out across the country to start their new courses, it may be the first time that many have undertaken a high-mile trip.


IAM RoadSmart’s communcations manager, Caroline Holmes, has given out some tips on how to stay safe behind the wheel. First and foremost, it is advised to keep distractions to a minimum.

That means keeping the volume of any music in the car down. This will not only help drivers keep focussed on the road, but will reduce stress.

IAM asks drivers to also steer clear from using their phones behind the wheel. For many drivers, this journey will be early on in their motoring experiences, and under new rules recently released anyone found using the mobile while driving could face being made to take their test again if they passed within two years prior to the offence.

Planning your route is also advised, to ensure that you are aware of any areas that are prone to traffic, or even where the best break stops are.

Getting some practice in on the motorway is another way to prepare for a long journey, especially if you’re not used to travelling at higher speeds.

Holmes said: “The temptation to overload a car that is only used for short journeys and head out on the motorway can be overwhelming. “But breaking down at the side of the motorway is not a great start to your academic career. Taking the time to overload properly, doing some basic mechanical checks and planning your trip will get you off to a flying start.”