FTA Seeks Action after Driver Threatened with Chainsaw in Calais

FTA Seeks Action after Driver Threatened with Chainsaw in Calais
A Belgian truck driver was reportedly threatened with a chainsaw in Calais this week, prompting the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to call for action amid fears violence could escalate. The FTA is concerned that an ever-growing number of migrants in the Jungle Camp – which is now around 7,000 – will lead to more violence as people become more desperate to reach the UK.


Groups of migrants allegedly set fire to barricades across the motorway in an attempt to stop passing trucks on their way to the port.

Chris Yarsley, FTA’s EU affairs manager, said: “These drivers are just trying to do their job, moving goods from Europe to the UK through the country’s busiest port. “Attacks like this are unacceptable and more needs to be done to protect them as they go about their work.”

The Belgian truck driver’s employer reportedly begged authorities to “Please do something, there will be deaths. Our drivers are threatened every night.”

It is believed the UK’s vote to leave the European Union has made some migrants more desperate to reach Britain before current border controls are changed.

Yarsley believes more needs to be done, saying: “A robust process must be put in place to quickly deal with applications from genuine asylum seekers rather than economic migrants and move them out of the camp. Relocating the camp away from the port would prevent the relentless attacks on commercial vehicles passing close by and allow our members to carry out their job without fear of attack or fines for unwittingly carrying migrants on their trucks.”