Drivers Given Advice on Dealing with Approaching Heatwave

Drivers Given Advice on Dealing with Approaching Heatwave
GEM Motoring Assist has given out some tips on how to stay cool and reduce stress during journeys in hot weather. With weather reports pointing towards a heatwave, it’s more important than ever to keep temperature – and stress levels – down.


Neil Worth, GEM road safety officers, said: “Driving in hot weather can be challenging, but we can reduce stress and discomfort by following some simple tips to ensure that we, our passengers and our vehicles are ready for the heat.”

Drivers are advised to plan their journey, and incorporate breaks if the trip is a longer one. With many other drivers having the same ideas, it’s important to factor in queuing time, too.

With temperatures predicted to go as high as 30 degrees in some parts of England and Wales, basic car maintenance is a must before setting out on any journey. Engine coolant is key to making sure that your car can deal with the heat, so make sure you check this before venturing out – oil levels will need inspecting too.

With all manner of bugs out in the summer heat, it’s important to make sure you’ve got enough washer fluid. Dust in the air and on the road, combined with a lack of rain can contribute to a restricted forward view – and an empty washer bottle can only restrict a driver’s ability to deal with this.

GEM Motoring Assist also advise drivers to keep a large bottle of water in the car. In the event of a breakdown, this could become a lifeline. Remember to never leave a young child or dog in a hot car either.