Company Cars an Important Employment Benefit for Young Workers

Company Cars an Important Employment Benefit for Young Workers
Having access to a company car is one of the most important employment benefits for workers under the age of 25, a survey has revealed. The study, which was commissioned by Skoda and saw 1,500 drivers of all ages interviewed, found that nearly two-thirds of those aged under 25 named having a company vehicle as an employment perk that would be of interest.


Of those respondents aged between 17 and 24, 33 per cent said they would be more inclined to accept a job offer if they were to be provided with a car, while a more than a quarter named having a company car as being the most appealing benefit they could be offered.
Offering a company car to workers was found to be a good way for businesses to hold on to staff, with nearly two-thirds of respondents saying they would be more likely to stay in a job if they were provided with one. Generally, young workers viewed access to a company vehicle as more desirable than medical insurance, a mobile phone and regular training.

Men placed greater importance on access to a company vehicle than women did, with 68 per cent saying they would accept a job offer if it included a car. This is opposed to 58 per cent of women.

Henry Williams, Head of Fleet at ŠKODA UK said, “Our research shows company cars are very appealing to workers of all ages, but particularly young people. We see this trend strongly outside of London, where many companies are based at out-of-town locations – making a car essential for the daily commute.”