Buying a New Car? Choosing the Right Optional Extras

Buying a New Car? Choosing the Right Optional Extras
Added extras are part of what makes your car yours. They also have the ability to make ‘building’ your car an enjoyable, unique experience. Manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz all have these features on their websites. However, as much fun as speccing up a new car can be, are they worth the money?


In some cases, yes. For example, parking assistance makes an excellent addition to any car and could be a cost-saving feature in the future. as the last thing you want is tram lines along the corner of your new £40,000 sports saloon. With the accuracy of parking assistance now it’s hard to see why you would leave that box unchecked.

However, there are some added extras that can set you back a lot. When we looked into added extras on Audi’s website, a tow bar would set you back a solid £665. When you can afford an Audi, would you be towing a caravan? You could just stay in your special leather trimmed Audi, which would set you back an eye-watering £3950 extra.

But don’t let it dishearten you; a customized model will shine amongst its stock brethren. Especially if you decide to get under the hood with added extras and that’s where it gets really juicy.

For example, Audi offer their ‘Quattro’ four-wheel drive system for around £200 more than their standard front-wheel-drive systems and we can assure you they are no slouch. If you’re trundling down the motorway and you see an Audi tear down the fast lane at the speed of sound, it’s probably making the use of its colossal Quattro system. But when it comes down to it, it’s your budget that make’s the final decisions.