Buying Winter Tyres for your Car

Benefits of Buying Winter Tyres for your Car
As the colder weather begins to approach you want to consider investing in some winter tyres for your vehicle to ensure that you stay safe while driving when the weather is bad. Although in this country a lot of people don’t bother it is a decision that could potentially reduce the risk of punctures and damage to your tyres but also help you make sure that you are less likely to experience skidding or crashing if the weather is bad.

Winter Tyres - Tam Tyres

One major benefit of buying winter tyres is that you will massively reduce your chances of skidding if the road is icy or wet, this is mainly because they are produced using more natural rubber than a conventional tyre uses, this means a softer material is formed that grips to the road more effectively as it remains supple at temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade, making them a really wise choice when preparing for the winter.

At Tam Tyres they are experts in providing and fitting tyres on all types of vans and cars and will be able to help you make sure that you have the correct tyres fitted so that you can get around safely this winter.  With a fully qualified fitting service and a great range of top quality tyres in stock to suit most vehicles and conditions no matter what you drive they should be able to get you sorted in no time at all, giving you total peace of mind when driving about on wet or icy days.

With a mobile fitting service available if you are unable to make it to the workshop and a puncture repair service to help you make sure your tyres last as long as possible at Tams Tyres they offer an excellent all round service to help you make sure that your car always has the tyres it needs to drive safely on the roads at all times.

With the additional opportunity to purchase an accidental damage warranty or a puncture guarantee along with your new van or car tyres you can be certain Tams Tyre do everything they can to keep their customers on the road no matter what might happen.

If you need any further help or advice their friendly team are always more than happy to give you any information you need regarding tyre depth or any other special considerations you may need to make, they can also check the condition of your wheels and let you know if they have any concerns that they feel you should get checked out.

Offering a straight forward pricing policy you can be certain that you won’t get any nasty surprises when the time comes to pay the bill, and with an environmentally friendly tyre disposal service which recycles your old tyres into useful things as well at Tam Tyres they do everything they can to make sure that their customers receive an excellent service every time.

So if you want to make sure that you are as safe as possible while driving about this winter why not get in touch with Tams Tyres to find out more about winter tyres and their excellent fitting service as well? If the weather gets bad and driving is hazardous you might be really thankful that you made the investment and got winter tyres fitted on your car or van in preparation. Call us now on (0191) 4604809 or visit the Tams Tyres website for further information.

Seat Continues to Beat Sales Figures in 2018

Seat Continues to Beat Sales Figures in 2018
Seven consecutive months of increased sales. Seat are continuing to achieve better sales in the UK and have kicked off the second half of the year with more record-breaking numbers.

For the seventh consecutive month the Volkswagen-owned company recorded growth, posting 5,680 sales in July 2018, representing an increase of 36.4 percent over the same month last year. Meanwhile the company’s market share stood at 3.5 percent – up 0.9 percent on last year as well.

Seat continues to buck the trend of the UK car market. While the overall market dropped by 5.5 percent, the Spanish brand’s market share currently sits at 2.8 percent, outpacing rivals.

The Arona compact crossover which was introduced last year enjoyed a good first half of 2018, and recorded 1,451 sales in July, representing a 27 percent increase on last year. Another recently-introduced high-rider, the Ateca (below), also fared well in the competitive SUV market, with 144 units shifted in July (four percent up from July 2017).

“Seat UK’s seventh consecutive sales record – despite the UK car market still in overall decline year-to-date – is yet another exceptional result by all the team here at Head Office, as well as our Dealer Network, that firmly establishes us as the UK’s fastest growing volume car brand,” said Richard Harrison, Managing Director of Seat UK. “With the upcoming launches of Tarraco SUV and Cupra Ateca yet to come, it looks like a great 2018 for Seat UK.”

It’s not just in the UK where Seat is enjoying success, worldwide Seat has also posted strong sales figures. The first half of 2018 represented the best first half in the brand’s history, in terms of sales. In July, the trend continued, with sales increasing by 35.7 percent compared to July 2017 – 52,700 vehicles sold compared to 38,900 last July. It was the best July in the history of the company, beating the previous record set in 2001 (46,200 units).


Nobody Escapes the Parking Police in London

Nobody Escapes the Parking Police in London
Some might call it a travesty against one of the most amazing supercars ever built. Others might call it hilariously awesome karma. We suspect the owner of this yellow Ferrari 812 Superfast has a few other choice words in mind, but hey, that’s what you get for parking illegally in London.

There isn’t much info on the car, or the owner, or why this Superfast was parked outside Harrods in London. Well, we can probably guess why the Ferrari was near Harrods, and perhaps the driver wasn’t concerned about getting a parking citation. When one can tool around Europe in a £310,568 supercar, one probably doesn’t sweat a measly parking fine – especially when the spot in question is so convenient.

If the driver had returned to the car with a ticket stuck under the wiper blade, that would’ve been just fine. In fact, we suspect that was the plan all along, but as the video above shows, things didn’t go according to plan. Rather than just paying a fine (which some in London prefer to call a parking fee), the Ferrari was unceremoniously hoisted atop a flatbed truck and hauled to the impound yard.

The process required net harnesses at all four wheels, connected to a big steel I-beam suspended from a hydraulic arm. For supercar fans it’s certainly a bit unnerving to see the Ferrari dangling like a holiday ornament. Given the cost of the car we bet the workers tasked with the tow were a bit nervous as well. We can only imagine the owner’s response after seeing this video.

London is notorious for being rather unfriendly to cars. According to the Daily Mail, the city takes in £24 million … in just three months. So word to the wise – no matter what kind of car you drive, it’s probably in your best interest to either find a legal place to park in London, or just give in and take the bus.

Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire

Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire

If you have been planning on replacing your current car and are looking for something a little more sporty that is still suited to your needs, reliable and excellent value for money you may want to consider taking a look at some of the used cars they have on offer at Elmbank Car Sales. With an extensive range of top quality used sports cars at very competitive rates you may find that your search for a new car takes far less time then you first expected.

At experts in used sports car sales, Elmbank Car Sales know exactly what is required to make sure that every customer is left satisfied with the service they received.  With an aim to deliver excellent customer care every time they sell a used car they are happy to offer additional benefits with each car as standard including a full MOT, three month warranty and full service and HPI checks so you can be certain they have done everything they can to ensure that your car to safe and completely road legal.

With a focus on offering a wide range of top quality used sports cars at they are able to offer a wealth of information about any of the cars they have available.  Originally starting out as a hobby which later evolved into a thriving business at Elmbank the staff are true sports car enthusiasts!  Whether you are looking for advice regarding what features the cars have on offer, insurance information or something a bit more technical at Elmbank they are certain to be able to answer any questions that you may have.

At Elmbank they also offer the added advantage of being able to provide car finance plans as well as the option to part exchange your current car.  With fair prices offered for part exchange deals and some very competitive finance options available, at Elmbank Used Car Sales they will do everything they can to make getting your ideal car as affordable as possible and as each case is assessed on an individual basis they will make sure that any finance plan you enter into is completely suited to your personal budget.

Offering a wide choice of makes and models in used sports cars at Elmbank Used Car Sales they are constantly on the look out for new stock to add to their existing range, as experienced buyers within the industry they know exactly what to look for to make sure that every car they purchase is of good quality and has the potential to one day be somebody’s true pride and joy. No matter whether you want a more traditional model, something a bit showy or a car that is suitable for family life as well at Elmbank they will do everything they can to a find you a used car that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

So if want to trade your car in for something new or fancy treating yourself to a second, faster car why not take a look at what Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire can do for you?  Simply take a look a their website at some of the excellent used cars they have on offer or call 07833 452613, then book an appointment with them to view any cars you may be interested in and you could be on the road in no time at all!

Aston Martin Unveils Sports Car for the Skies

Aston Martin Unveils Sports Car for the Skies
Luxury carmaker Aston Martin has unveiled plans for a personal aircraft dubbed a “sports car for the skies”. The company has teamed up with jet engine maker Rolls-Royce and engineering boffins at Cranfield University on the futuristic project.

A concept aircraft was unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow, but the consortium hopes to have a flying version ready for the next show in two years. The three-seat hybrid-electric vehicle will be vertical take-off and landing.

Aston Martin, so associated with James Bond, dismissed suggestions it was a gimmick more likely to appear in 007 films than be seen flying commercially. “Personalised and electric air transport is a fast-developing area and we need to start getting into it,” said James Stephens, the company’s director of global government.

A number of aviation and technology firms are hoping to make electric-powered small aircraft and air-taxis a reality, including Airbus, ride-sharing firm Uber, and a Google-backed firm called Kitty Hawk. Earlier this week, Rolls-Royce announced plans to develop a flying taxi engine, although the project with Aston Martin is separate.

Mr Stephens said Aston Martin wants to corner the market in next-generation luxury flying vehicles for the rich and famous. The aircraft would, he said, “be a sports car for the skies”.

But it won’t come cheap. The working price guide for the vehicle is put at between £3-5m

“We, in the UK, have the ability to develop this,” Mr Stephens said. “The challenge is time, money and regulation. But the market will be there eventually.”

Called the Volante Vision Concept, the aircraft will feature autonomous technology and be able to hit speeds of up to 200mph.

Carl Bourne, Rolls-Royce’s strategy and business development head, said the consortium rejected plans to build a flying car. “You’d end up with a bad aircraft, and a bad car.” He said the Volante would be pitched as an alternative way to escape urban congestion and quickly move between big towns and cities. Unlike a private plane, it will be vertical lift. Unlike a helicopter, it will cruise more efficiently,” he said.

The consortium behind the Volante also includes aviation technology company Cranfield Aerospace Solutions.

It chief executive, Paul Hutton, said: “The introduction of autonomous and electric propulsion technologies into new aircraft designs is both inevitable and challenging.” But he said such projects put the UK consortium “at the vanguard of this revolution in aerospace”.

Finding the Right Classic Car Insurance

Finding the Right Classic Car Insurance

Searching for Classic Car Insurance? Managing the day to day aspects of a life can be tiring enough, but with the pressure on every classic car enthusiast these days, it’s easy to forget about the legalities of getting the right insurance for your car.  Unlike typical car insurance, covering a classic car can be somewhat difficult.

Classic Car insurance

Classic cars, by their nature, are usually expensive and at a higher risk due to their age. Plus, classic vehicles often lack the safety and driver assistance of modern cars, something that puts off a lot of insurance companies.

Once you have selected the level of classic car insurance cover you require, it is worthwhile exploring the other benefits on offer from classic car insurance specialists. Unlike most of the inflexible mainstream insurers, specialists can offer further premium reductions through applying their specialist understanding of the classic car sector.

For example, many classic car drivers are enthusiasts who are members of driving clubs. Many classic car insurance providers offer extra discounts to club members. Furthermore, as classic vehicles are often only used for recreation, entering into low mileage insurance schemes can reduce premiums. Premiums can also be discounted by adding additional security devises and by the owners ensuring that their classic vehicle has a strong maintenance history. These measures reduce the risk of theft and accidents, so reducing the insurance company’s exposure.

It can be difficult to wade through the practicalities of any insurance; it really makes a lot of sense to use an insurance broker who specialises in classic car insurance and other insurance services. At Weir Insurance, we’re able to arrange dedicated Classic Car Insurance cover without breaking the bank. If you own a classic vehicle, get in touch with out friendly team today and see if we can provide you with the cover you need.

We believe in customer satisfaction and in finding the right insurance quote which will suit every need and aspect of your specific needs. If you are looking for an experienced and experienced classic car insurance broker in the UK then contact Weir Insurance Brokers of Northumberland.  They pride themselves on being an insurance broker who combines in-depth experience with great customer service, leading you to the right insurance just for you.

Weir Insurance Brokers have been helping our clients’ with their insurance needs since 1972. They talk to you about your requirements, work with you to figure out what cover you need (and what cover you don’t) and then use our relationship with dozens of insurers to find the best solution for you. Fully independent, they always put you first and aim to provide you with the best possible cover at the best possible price, no strings attached. Something they have been doing it for over 40 years.

Contact Weir Insurance Brokers
For further information please about your classic car insurance, call one of our experienced insurance team today on 01670 365533 or visit the Weir Insurance brokers website. We have been helping our clients’ with their insurance needs since 1972.

Daimler Profit Warning

Daimler Profit Warning
Daimler forsees lower sales of Mercedes-Benz cars due to a tax on the import of US vehicles into China. The US is putting tariffs of at least $50bn (£38bn) of Chinese imports. China said it would retaliate with its own tariffs from 6 July in return. Daimler has big factories in the US that export to China.

The Trump administration has threatened further levies on up to $400bn worth of Chinese goods if China continues to hit back.

In late morning trading in Frankfurt, Volkswagen was down 2.4%, while Daimler was more than 4% lower. On the Paris market, Peugeot-Citroen was 1.3% down, while Renault had lost 1%. Mercedes-Benz had record sales in the first three months of this year, led by China, where sales increased by 17%.

But Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, said this year’s earnings from car sales were expected to be “slightly below the previous year”.

“From today’s perspective, the decisive factor is that, at Mercedes-Benz Cars, fewer than expected SUV sales and higher than expected costs – not completely passed on to the customers – must be assumed because of increased import tariffs for US vehicles into the Chinese market,” the company said. “This effect cannot be fully compensated by the reallocation of vehicles to other markets.”

Earlier this month, Daimler was forced to recall vehicles in Germany found to be fitted with illegal software that masks diesel emissions.

Daimler said the recall of diesel vehicles and declining demand in Latin America was also affecting overall earnings.

Ford & VW in Talks About Developing Range of Vans

Ford & VW in Talks About Developing Range of Vans
Ford and Volkswagen are in early talks about jointly developing a range of commercial vehicles. The two car giants said they were “exploring a strategic alliance” aimed at strengthening both companies’ competitiveness without giving details. However, the cooperation would not involve any share swaps or cross-ownership deals.

Ford’s biggest-selling commercial vehicles are the Transit van and the F-series pick-up truck.

VW also owns the Scania and Man truck brands.

Car companies are increasingly collaborating to cut the costs of developing new technology amid a growing demand for more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Earlier this year VW struck a commercial vehicle alliance with Toyota’s truck division, Hino. At the time the firms said areas of cooperation could include hybrid and electric engines, as well as connectivity and autonomous driving systems.

At the Detroit car show in January Ford unveiled a more fuel-efficient version of its Ranger pick-up truck.

Meanwhile, Ford plans to renovate the famous Michigan Central Station in Detroit – a historic and eye-catching railway station that opened in 1914 before closing in 1988 and having its interior subsequently vandalised. The company will turn the building into offices for up to 5,000 technology workers and software engineers working on self-driving cars.

“We have big plans for this building,” the carmaker’s executive chairman Bill Ford told an audience outside the 18 storey landmark, built in the Beaux-Arts Classical style.

Ford has not revealed the cost of the renovation, but said it would be completed using some of the cash previously put aside for a revamp of its headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. That project has a budget of $1.2bn (£900m). The carmaker will receive unspecified tax breaks from Detroit and the state of Michigan towards the project.


Daimler to Recall Mercedes with Defeat Devices

Daimler to Recall Mercedes with Defeat Devices
The German government has ordered car maker Daimler to recall 238,000 vehicles in Germany after they were found to be fitted with illegal software that masks diesel emissions. Across Europe a total of 774,000 diesel vehicles contain “defeat devices” and Daimler said it would recall them all.

The diesel versions of the Mercedes C-Class, Vito and GLC models are the main ones affected, the ministry said.

Daimler said it would refit the software but denied any wrongdoing.

It comes three years after VW admitted having fitted “cheat” devices in vehicles that made their engines appear less polluting than they actually were. About eleven million cars worldwide were affected in that case.

German transport minister Andreas Scheuer said the ministry and Daimler had “negotiated intensively for many hours” on Monday.

Afterwards he said the ministry had ordered the “immediate” recall of Daimler models in Germany because they contained “illegal shutdown devices”.

“Daimler states that it will, at maximum speed and with co-operative transparency with the authorities, remove the applications in the engine control system which the government objects to,” he said.

The Transport Ministry only has authority to force the recall of vehicles within Germany.

iVech vehicle rental management system

iVech vehicle rental management system
Imagine having a vehicle rental management system designed specifically for the vehicle hire business, a system that has been designed by software engineers who, before they even started planning the system, worked on the front desk of a vehicle hire business for 12 months. Imagine that they had a full insight into the operational needs and requirements of a vehicle hire business.

Well a North East UK company has developed such a software system. The iVech vehicle rental management system is designed to offer maximum security and control of the vehicle fleet, and integrates with the Hireguard* database to give optimum intelligence and automatic warning against high risk hirers.

The system has also been developed to integrate with Trak Global, so for vehicles fitted with Trak Global trackers, the car or van rental operator has direct information, on driver behaviour, speeding, hard braking, acceleration, impacts and of course location. If required, the system can also be set to provide active alerts if the hire vehicle enters certain areas, ports etc, or should leave the UK.

iVech car rental software has been designed to aid the management of your vehicle rental business and offer a simple and straight forward user interface. Designed to operate at all levels of your business, It provides fully variable access settings, for example administrator, manager, director etc and can link in to front end sites for on line bookings and emails.

The iVech vehicle rental management system is now available and will help your rental / hire business operate more efficiently and effectively. If you would like more information then please call us now on 0191 460 3263 or contact us via the The iVech vehicle rental management software website